Work with us


If you are a highly experienced, committed individual with a desire to help the next generation then we'd like to hear from you.

We are looking for individuals to fill the following roles:

    • Teachers
    • Classroom Assistants
    • SEN and EAL Specialists (including dyslexia assessments)
    • Clinical Psychologists
    • Educational Psychologists

We offer

    • Evening and weekend tuition in your local area
    • Preparation for Common Entrance examinations for Independent Schools ( 7+ 11+, 13+)
    • Preparation for 11+ Selective Schools/ Grammar School
    • Tuition for GCSE and A level in all subjects
    • Diagnosis and assessments
    • Dyslexic assessments
    • Long term residential International assignments- residential tuition in many countries, including travelling with families
    • Tuition over SKYPE for students living in foreign countries (mainly South East Asia, India, Moscow and Europe.) Most students will be seeking tuition in Common Entrance at 11+, 13+ and University entrance requirements.
    • EAL tuition for Adults

If you wish to register your interest for any of the above vacancies please attach your CV together with a supporting statement explaining why you wish to be considered for these roles.

Our Process

Once we receive application forms we look to see the impact that the applicant has made in their current school. We actively look for data to back the statements that they have made in their current role.

  • All interviews are followed up by references from their current or last post. We ask employers to give evidence using the applicants Performance Management Targets over the last 3 years.

    All Staff who are appointed must hold an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Certificate (previously known as a CRB).

    Only staff who have passed our rigorous interview procedures are appointed, and for this we reward them well. We will NOT compromise on standards.

  • All appointed teachers will have taught in successful schools and sixth form colleges. They will have made a significant difference, in some way or another to their students. Some will have several years of teaching experience at Senior Management Level and will be fully conversant with common entrance, GCSE and A level requirements. Monitoring and continual assessment is part and package of what they do. They will all be passionate about teaching and are committed to our motto: 'The children's success is a measure of our success and we appreciate that Education is the most precious gift that we can give our children, they are our investment into the future.'

    Education complete believes that 'working together with all our stakeholders helps to build a brighter tomorrow.' All our newly appointed staff will be offered training by our highly experienced staff and directors. The toolkit the teachers are provided with will allow them to support their students with ease and enthusiasm.

  • In your letter please include the following:

    • Your success record to date with verified evidence e.g. Performance Management records from schools you have taught, threshold records etc.
    • Your availability dates.
    • Continents you would be happy to be considered for.
    • Can you do Skype tutoring?
    • What type of assignments are you interested in.
  • Your CV must include the following details::

    • Name, address & email
    • NI
    • DES Ref
    • Disclosure Certificate (CRB)
    • All qualifications from GCSE to Degree + with grades
    • Schools taught in and subjects offered (please include to what level)

We are also seeking to appoint host families to take up a guardianship role for international students and UK parents working abroad. Please visit our Guardianship page for further details and registration details.