Our Services

UK home students

ONe To One

We provide one to one tuition for children preparing for 7+, 11+ and 13+ for admission to all top UK independent schools. This includes:

    • North London Collegiate
    • City of London
    • Westminster
    • Haberdasher's Aske's School for Girls
    • Haberdasher's Aske's School for Boys
    • St Paul's School
    • Sevenoaks School
    • Magdalene School
    • Highgate
    • Rugby School
    • Harrow
    • Wellington
    • Eton
    • Further schools can be found here and here


We offer a diagnostic assessment of your child. This will give you some guidance on their current academic standard and preparation needed specifically for your child. We can also advise you on State, Grammar, Independent Day and Boarding Schools.

7+ classes

These classes are designed to support children preparing for the 7+ exams for Independent Schools. They are equally suitable for bright children who need an extra boost in their schooling to bring them up to Level by the time they reach 7. Group classes have no more than 10 children and run weekly from September 2014- July 2015.


Our staff are highly experienced in providing tuition for children preparing for the 11+ exams. We have been very successful in helping children to secure places in some of the most highly sought after state grammar schools in the UK. For example: Henrietta Barnett and Latymer Schools in North London, Watford Girls' and Watford Boys' and all leading UK independent schools as outlined above.

As well as One-to One tuition we provide group tuition at our centres in North London for 11+ and SATs level 6. These classes begin in September 2014, and will run for one hour each week up until July 2015. Group tuition offers affordable high quality tuition with excellent outcomes for families on low budgets.

For the best results we advise that tuition begins early, as this alleviates stress and enables your child to maximise their learning potential. You should enrol your child as soon as they enter Year 5 if possible.

We offer the following:

  • 11+ Maths classes
  • 11+ Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning classes
  • 11+ English classes
  • Fast track Intense Preparation Programme for pupils in Year 6. Three hours each week from September 2014- December 2014 (for students sitting public exams in January 2015 this programme is ideal preparation).


We specialise in 13+ tuition. This is a very successful entry point for International students as well as those already in UK schools.

Please phone us to discuss your requirements. 13+ tuition consists mainly of one to one tuition as demand is limited. However, should we get enough interest it may be possible to run Group sessions in our North London (Muswell Hill Branch).13+ tuition will involve Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning support and interview techniques sessions.


ONe To One

All subjects available via Skype, or One to One tuition if a tutor is available local to you.

We offer tuition in:

    • Accounting
    • Biology
    • Business Studies
    • Chemistry
    • English Literature and Language
    • Geography
    • Modern Foreign Languages
    • Mathematics/Statistics
    • Psychology
    • Double/Additional Sciences
    • ICT

In addition we offer a range of subjects at BTEC Level 1, 2 and 3. Please ring us to discuss your requirements

A Levels

ONe To One

All subjects listed above, Psychology and Sociology and Philosophy are available via Skype. Please ring to discuss your requirements.

Tuition through Skype

Our tutors are very experienced in providing one to one tuition over Skype. Using two different cameras and an interactive approach, thousands of kilometres are converted to a few metres with one simple click. Skype allows us to communicate with your child on three different levels:

  • Firstly your child can hear their tutor explain and breakdown difficult concepts.
  • Your child can simultaneously look at diagrams the tutor is drawing whilst they speak.
  • Finally the tutor can type and message key points to the pupil.

Skyping is not only beneficial for those living abroad, we Skype pupils from local areas in the UK to as far as Beijing. Using this service means you can provide your child with the best education without stepping out of your front door!

International Students

We are inundated with requests from Europe and South Asia. Most of our contacts have reached us through recommendations from families who have used our services and have been delighted with the results. We offer full support for families that wish to send their children to prestigious independent schools in the UK.

We offer:

  • Pre Assessment to determine your child's current academic position and advise on what to do next.
  • Advise on suitable Independent day and Boarding schools.
  • Full Preparation for entrance exams at 7+,11+, 13+ (lessons are taught using Skype).
  • Support in registration at schools of your choice. Acting as the main contact and arranging for testing to be carried out in your home country.
  • Visa support for parents and child to visit the schools.
  • Support in the Transition process.
  • Relocation Agents - to help families moving across to the UK.
  • Guardianships- for children studying in the UK whilst parents are in another country.
  • English as an additional Language tuition for parents.
  • Higher Education- Support for international students who need help with Personal Statements, choosing the right University, Interview techniques.

This article provides an in-depth look at what it's like to be an international student and parents and pupils are advised to take a look at it.

Additional Educational needs

What is meant by the term Additional Educational Needs? Some children have needs or disabilities that affect their ability to learn. For example:

  • behavioural/social (e.g. difficulty making friends)
  • reading and writing (e.g. dyslexia)
  • SEN and EAL support from highly experienced and well qualified teachers
  • understanding things
  • concentrating (e.g. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • physical needs or impairments

Education Complete Ltd firmly believe that all children have the ability to succeed, and that often it is a case of finding ways to provide the additional support needed to enable the child to make progress. Our Additional Education Team is led by a team of highly experienced senior leaders who have held posts of responsibilities for inclusion in state and independent schools.

We are able to offer a variety of different services tailored to your needs. These may include:

  • Advise on selecting UK independent schools that would best meet your child's needs
  • Assessment for Dyslexia
  • Services of our in-house Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist Assessments

Sometimes children may benefit from support of a qualified therapist who is used to seeing children who are facing difficulties in their life. Therapy can help children develop problem-solving skills and also teach them the value of seeking help. Therapists can help children and families cope with stress, and a variety of emotional and behavioural issues.

You may want to consult our highly qualified Clinical Psychologists for any concerns that you may have for example:

  • developmental delay in speech, language
  • learning or attention problems (such as ADHD)
  • behavioural problems (such as excessive anger, acting out, bedwetting or eating disorders)
  • a significant drop in grades, particularly if your child normally maintains high grades
  • depression
  • becoming socially isolated and withdrawn from family and peers
  • being the victim of bullying or bullying other children
  • not enjoying social activities
  • sudden changes in appetite (particularly in adolescents)
  • insomnia or increased sleepiness
  • not wanting to go to school
  • mood swings (e.g., happy one minute, upset the next)
  • constant complaining about being unwell for no medical reason
  • learning how to manage a serious, acute, or chronic illness
  • personal family circumstances that cause upset to the child e.g. divorce, bereavement.


Dyslexia is a major concern for many children. In short it is a common type of specific learning difficulty that mainly affects the skills involved in the reading and spelling of words. Schools and Examination Boards now recognise that Dyslexia is a major barrier for many children and students. If your child is not making sufficient progress in school, it is very important that you get them assessed. Once this is done, a support plank can be put in place.

Our SEN team are qualified to carry out Dyslexia assessments and will provide advice on what should be done to lift the barriers. It is essential that you as parents seek to have your child assessed for Dyslexia. Schools will use the report to put in place a support plan to ensure your child gets the additional help they are entitled to. Students who have been assessed by a qualified Educational Psychologist as having Dyslexia or Dyspraxia can be given special consideration when sitting exams.

Please email us at info@educationcomplete.co.uk to discuss your specific requirements.