Guardianship Services

When parents send their children to study it can be a very worrying time, particularly if the family have no family or friends in the UK . In this instance it is wise for parents to look at the Guardianship services provided by Education Complete
  • Education Complete Guardianship is an integral part of our support programme for International Students. Our Guardianship consultant will personally oversee all Guardianship placements she is a highly experienced, well qualified teacher and ex- Deputy Head-teacher. She has a thorough knowledge of the education system, and has excellent relationships with many independent schools. She has held posts of responsibility for child protection and staff training in many schools. In addition, she has been a registered foster mum and has given home to many children for whom home circumstances were not right. She therefore is well placed to serve you and your children well, providing emotional as well as pastoral support.

    All our registered Guardians are educationalists and many are parents. This gives them an excellent insight on what it feels like to have your child away from parents eye. They will do their utmost to ensure that your child is well cared for and supported. This is not only during the transitional period when they will need a lot of support in settling down, but throughout your child's schooling in the UK.

    We are an accredited guardianship agency. This means that our company follows the strict code of practice laid down by the Childrens Act and other childcare related legislation.

    • All our staff are DBS or CRB and are professionals academics.
    • We only use Guardians who are known to us through our professional networks.
    • Our Guardians are all academics, many are serving Teachers, Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers.
    • Our Guardians are committed to their role. They have all undergone thorough interviews with the Directors of Education Complete and have demonstrated their commitment and passion for working with schools, families and students.
    • We provide full support and training to our Guardians. Our Guardians therefore understand their full roles and responsibilities to your child and your family. Our training includes understanding school assessment systems and measuring the progress that your child is making. They will ensure that they ask the right questions at parents evenings and keep you well informed. In short our experienced Guardians play a vital link on your behalf, with the school and yourselves in your absence.
    • Our Guardians are all experience drivers, so you can rest assured that your child is safe when on trips with the Guardian family.
    • They are 100% reliable and are committed to putting your child's needs first. They will be available 24/7 should you need to communicate with them or vice versa.
Our Guardianship Services

Gold Standard Guardianship care

    • 24 hour emergency on call acting in Loco parentis capacity.
    • Meeting with child and family during the interviewing and exam process if taking place in the UK.
    • Attending ALL parents evenings and informing parents of discussion.
    • Monitoring students progress and discussing with parents/school regarding any concern.
    • Taking child/family to buy uniforms and other school related items (paid for by parents).
    • Arranging Transfers to airport on arrival and departures (paid for by parents).
    • Any other reasonable assistance required by child and family (i.e. mobile phone, banking, organising pocket money for child etc). We recommend that your child contract has a deposit of £1000 in the bank for personal expenses. We expect £200 to always remain in the balance at any time. All money unspent will be refunded in full at the end of the contract with the Guardian family.
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Diamond Standard Care

This package is tailor designed with the host family and students' family. Full details can be obtained from the Directors.


Host family service

This service is very important for overseas families as it gives their child a home to go to during short half term breaks or long weekends.

If you're thinking about becoming a host family please take the time to read this informative article.

    • We offer Home to Home guardian care for families who want their child to live with a family and travel to their school daily.
    • To be a Guardian for weekends and holiday periods only.
    • To be a home to home guardian (for students who wish to travel daily to school from home of host family).
  • Please note ALL applicants must hold a valid and updated CRB/DBS. Furthermore, they must be registered for annual renewal of the certificates. No application will be accepted without these in place.

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