About Us

Education Complete Consultancy is a fast expanding consultancy that provides the very best in educational assessments and support, fit for the ever evolving economic and political climate of the modern 21st century. In short it delivers access to World class education for families.

Education Complete Consultancy is a unique organisation that is only made up of serving Head teachers, deputies and teachers. We believe our individuality and strength lies in the fact that our knowledge and experience in the education field in the United Kingdom is current and up to date. We are a rapidly growing organisation, mainly by word of mouth. We have seen a 45% increase in our business in the last six months alone. We believe the core principles of our ethos are behind this:

    • We are all teachers first and foremost and are passionate about teaching. Our values drive us to succeed in helping every individual family from the moment you contact us.
    • Our success speaks for itself. We have been successful in placing children from all over the world into highly competitive independent schools.
    • All staff have to go through competitive interview procedures. Their passion for education and making the key difference to a child's progression is very important and it is the overriding factor on whether someone is appointed to our team.
    • Tutors teaching your children are well supported and regularly monitored.
    • Assessment is key to our success. Report sheets on the progress your child is making are scrutinised by our assessment committee. Parents are given monthly feedback on how their child is progressing. There should therefore be no surprises when you child gets to sit the all-important assessment exams.
    • We are pleased to say that 95% of our students get their first choice of school following our recommendations and teaching.
Our Director
  • Our Founding Director is a highly experienced Educational Professional and Deputy Head teacher. Her belief that education is the most precious gift that you can give your children, is what gives her the energy and aspirations to make her vision a reality. Education opens doors to the future and it is the best investment for any parent/carer to make.

  • Further more she is driven by her love for education and children. For her education is not a privilege but a right. She has worked arduously with charities across the Indian sub-continent and is currently working with an organisation to educate street children in destitute parts of the world.


A parent interviews one of our consultants, June 2014

  • Parent: Good morning, I came across your website whilst looking for a company that can help my child get through his 11+. At the moment he is struggling in school. I have looked at numerous websites and I wanted to know why you company is popular amongst parents and children?

  • C: Good morning Sheila. I am very proud of our achievements to date. We are, I believe, a very special organisation. This is because we are run by a team of dedicated senior teachers who have proven success records. All of us are absolutely passionate about education. We see it as a gateway for a successful and productive future for our children. Each of us has 15-20 years of leadership experience. Roles that we as individuals have held in schools have always included raising achievement and recruiting the best teachers. This makes us a very strong team of staff who know how to help each and every individual child to succeed. Failure is not in our vocabulary. If a child is committed to becoming successful, we will make them successful. There is no question about this.

  • P: That sounds really good. However, your senior staff I expect won't be able to do all the teaching. How will you ensure my child will get a quality education?

  • C: Recruiting staff is a very important task. As senior leaders we are experienced in selecting the very best staff who can deliver. Essentially, our teachers must be good in the classroom and they must understand the specific needs of each and every child. This means that they must tailor their teaching styles to enable each child to gain confidence, whilst developing skills in tackling the challenged presented to them. Not everyone can teach and numerous qualifications from highly prestigious universities, like Oxbridge, does not necessarily mean that the person is an excellent teacher. They may be good at their subject, but it doesn't mean that they can explain it well to a child who is stressed and feeling vulnerable to the exam system that they will be facing. What we seek in our teachers is someone who has a love for teaching itself, and are able to make knowledge accessible to your child by breaking information down into manageable bite size pieces. As professionals, we get our buzz from seeing each and every one of our children succeeding. We want to share with our parents and our children the happiness of passing and gaining acceptance into their first choice. Nothing beats that special feeling of success and during the interviewing process; we want to see that same buzz of excitement in our teachers. That's when we know they belong to our family.

  • P: How will you know that my child will pass the exams and will get into their first choice?

  • C: Assessment is the key to our success. The senior team will personally assess each child that enrols with us. The assessment procedure takes 3-4 hours of our time and it is essential to help us to draw up a clear education plan which is specific to your child. We will discuss this plan with you. Once a teacher has been appointed to work with your child, and teaching begins you will receive formal reports every 6 weeks where we will summarise how close your child is to reaching the required standard, and what else still needs to be done.

    I am driven by my belief that 'your child is our child' from the minute that your child joins Education complete.

  • P: How can you support a child who is easily nervous and gives up easily? Their current school doesn't think we should apply to some of the schools on our list.

  • C: I would ask you what do you and your child really want? If your child really wants to achieve, then we can help to break down those barriers that have been hindering progress. In 95% of cases, if a child wants to achieve then we will be able to support them by building a rapport based on trust and mutual understanding. We at EC understand that in a class of 30, a child may find it difficult to apply themselves fully. As unbelievable as it may seem, this is often put down to laziness and poor attitude to work or simply the work is out of their depth. However, in my years of experience in the educational field I fully understand that this is very rarely the case. Each child needs to be treated as an individual by their teacher. Once this happens you will see an unbelievable transformation in the same child as they develop in confidence. This is what Ofsted (the education regulation authority in the UK), seeks to address and what we at EC are succeeding to deliver.

  • P: What can you do for international students?

  • C: Again, we will apply similar care and compassion teamed with high quality individual education for each international student. Our thorough knowledge of the Independent English education system will enable us to provide international parents with individual informed guidance and support on which schools they should apply for. We realise that for parents that stay in their home country, sending their child to the UK can be a very nerve-wracking and stressful experience. As parents ourselves, we would like to reassure you that we are very empathetic to your needs. Why not give us a call to discuss this and our guardianship packages so you can be reassured of our commitment to you.

We believe that your children are our children from the minute you make your first phone call to us
Our Tutors

Our team's commitment to education and transforming the lives of our young people is first and foremost in their minds, and it is for this reason only, that they have been carefully selected to take up consultancy posts and tutoring with Education Complete Consultancy

  • Our staff, unlike other agencies have all served for very long periods of time as dedicated Head teachers, Vice Principals, Heads of Departments and teachers in both state schools and independent Schools. Their commitment to education and transforming the lives of our young people is first and foremost in their minds. It is for this reason only, that they have been carefully selected to take up consultancy posts and tutoring with Education Complete Consultancy.

    • Our Senior Management Team have first-hand experience of education from pre-school to university, and have links with a large number of public schools. Many of our key staff are still in employment in these sectors. We believe that this allows us to keep abreast of what is happening in the education world day to day, and we can use this knowledge to give accurate guidance and support to parents.
    • Our staff are very familiar with the current admissions criteria for the full range of public schools in the UK; and have over the years built trusting relationships with a number of schools ranking in the top 200 best public schools.
    • We take care in providing a bespoke service for busy parents and will take a 'loco parentis' role once you have passed the responsibilities to our consultants.
    • Once you join us we will take time to ensure that we understand what your requirements are for your child, and will manage the entire process from start to finish.
    • Our full and detailed assessments will be followed by a thorough report and an Action Plan to ensure success.